Specializing in Residential Plumbing repair and Commercial Plumbing repair, including Emergency Plumbing and 24 Hour Plumbing.


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Tampa Plumbing Service by Master Plumber, Emory Garland and his team of experienced plumbers includes Emergency Plumbing, Residential Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing, Business Plumbing, remodels, home and office additions, and more plumbing services.

As a Tampa Plumbing Company, we take pride in being a family-owned, Christian company. Operating since 1987 and located in Lutz, Florida, we’ve served satisfied customers throughout the entire state of Florida. Our plumbing professionals are not only in-house, they are actually family members. Each plumbing expert is tried and tested, with years of proven experience.

Emergency Plumbing, 24 Hour Plumbing

Residential Tampa Bay Plumbers are common in Tampa. However, an on-call Master Plumber in Lutz is a lot more rare. EMG Plumbing stands ready to handle all of your plumbing needs. In addition, they are always totally up front with how much it is going to cost or when they’re going to arrive. And in most cases, we do the work as soon as you give your approval. Let us help you with all of your emergency plumbing with our 24 hour plumbing service.

Tampa Plumber

Emory Garland, your Tampa plumber, personally supervises each staff member closely before allowing them to go out and perform the plumbing services you need by the best plumbing service in the area!

Tampa Plumbing Blog

Quick Holiday Plumbing Problem Prevention

FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS AND SAVE YOURSELF FROM HOLIDAY DISASTERS! Don’t forget to take a few minutes to prepare your plumbing for the holidays as well as all the delectable food! If you are having guests, especially extended stay guests, you want to make sure your garbage disposal runs efficiently, and your bathrooms can handle…

Water Heater: Tank or Tankless?

WHICH WATER HEATER IS BEST FOR YOU? The best time to weigh the pros and cons of water heaters is before you ever need one. When that day comes, all you’ll care about is getting a plumbing estimate and some hot water, pronto! So, before you have to make that emergency plumbing call, take the…

Water Main and Sewer Main

IS THE MAIN MY RESPONSIBILITY OR THE UTILITY COMPANY? The Main Thing to Remember… When it comes to plumbing, there are many safe and effective DIY fixes, and you can browse our Plumbing Blog to see many of those. But there are other fixes that require an expert plumber…and a few that require a call to…

Kitchen Faucets and Bathroom Faucets Repair

DIY – OR CALL A PLUMBER TO FIX MY FAUCET? Does My Faucet Need a Plumber? The short answer is: maybe not. A faucet’s owner can often take care of the most common problems (leaks and low flow) with some simple tools and a quick online tutorial. How to Fix My Faucet Leak or Low…

Small Bathroom Remodel

SMALL SPACE – BIG IMPACT! Remodel Your Bathroom and Make it Feel Spacious. Everyone wants a beautiful bathroom and thanks to all of the home improvement and remodeling TV shows, we see all the possibilities for our small bathrooms. We want function without compromising aesthetics. We want it to be practical and maintain visual harmony.…

Washing Machine Overflow Emergency

HOW TO STOP OR PREVENT WASHING MACHINE DISASTERS. Water Damage Claims account for over 50% of all homeowners insurance claims in Florida. Don’t let your washing machine cause damage to your home. Preventive Steps and Emergency Damage Control for Washing Machine Flooding Safety First! Water and electricity do not mix. Do not unplug the washing machine.…

Tankless Water Heater – Commercial Uses

SUSTAINABLE, SPACE SAVING TANKLESS WATER HEATERS A New Jersey Country Club which has 5 kitchens, plus locker rooms for both men and women, used a steam boiler the size of a minivan that heated a 750-gallon hot water holding tank. The boiler ran 24/7 every day of the year. When it reached the end of…

Tankless Water Heater for Home

WHAT IS GREEN, CAN END SOME FAMILY FIGHTS, SAVE YOU MONEY, MAY COME WITH A REBATE, AND IS RECOGNIZED BY CONSUMER DIGEST? Tankless Water Heaters can save you money, help you save the planet, and provide an unending supply of hot water. Do you have someone in your home that seems to drain all the…

Exploding Toilet Recall Again

DO YOU HAVE A PRESSURE ASSISTED TOILET IN YOUR HOME? Flushmate warns consumers to stop using Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System immediately. When you lift the lid of your toilet tank, do you see this? If you do see this flushing system, stop using your toilet now. Flushmate says on their website that “The system…

Plumbing Emergency – what to do first

PLUMBING EMERGENCY? Quick! Do you know how to turn your water off? Water is going everywhere and you have to stop it before it causes damage! In an emergency, you have to stop the water fast! The most important thing to do is know where to shut off the water so you can protect your…

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Tampa Plumber

All of our professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured to handle everything from the smallest repair to the largest job. We assure the quality of our work is stellar and strive to make your Tampa plumbing top notch. We can handle all of your installation, repair, and replacement needs including sewers and drains, faucets, sinks, water heaters, dishwashers, showers, and tubs. Do not hesitate to contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to help!


Great experience with Emory Garland. I spent weeks trying to get my propane company to give me an estimate on installing an outlet for a generator without any response. One call to Emory, "No problem." The job was done within a couple of days of my first call and the price was right. What a find!

Tom D

Emory came to my home on short notice for a blocked drain. But when he arrived, the drain had gone down on its own. So he checked all vitals and explained everything to me thoroughly. I can tell this is a very honest guy. He billed me the minimum just for his trip out-very fair.

Abdul Karmach

Fast, reasonable, and clean. A plumber we can wholeheartedly recommend to all of our family, friends, and neighbors. A master job by a master plumber. Thanks Emory Garland Plumbing!

Beth McNabb

Emory and his guys have done several plumbing repairs for us, and always do an awesome job.They do excellent work, work quickly, clean up after the job, and the price is excellent.We highly recommend Emory Garland Plumbing!

Allan McNabb

I searched online for a local plumber here in North Tampa and thank God I found Emory. I called and he answered his cell phone by the second ring both times I called him about scheduling. He got here when he said he would be here and was very professional. We had a leak in our master bath that required tearing a hole in the slab. Way more work than we first thought.

Deanne Hennessee