Tankless Water Heater – Commercial Uses


A New Jersey Country Club which has 5 kitchens, plus locker rooms for both men and women, used a steam boiler the size of a minivan that heated a 750-gallon hot water holding tank. The boiler ran 24/7 every day of the year. When it reached the end of its life they wanted a sustainable alternative. The boiler system was replaced with five high-tech, Navien wall-hung tankless units. It took up one-tenth of the space and saved them money.  One country club is saving up to $9000 a month with its efficient Navien units.

Other commercial uses include hotels, schools, and restaurants.  They enjoy cost savings and quick installations from Navien products.

Commercial Navien Solutions

Navien Commercial Tankless Applications Advantages

Consumers Digest Recognizes the Navien

Navein was chosen as a Consumer Digest 2012 Best Buy award in the “gas tankless water heater premium” category by receiving the highest score aggregate of criteria, including energy efficiency, features, and warranty.


Go toward the bottom of Navein’s resources page and put in your zip code to see what rebates are available in your area.

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