What is Green Plumbing?


We all know our planet has limited natural resources. Water is one of those essential resources we need to survive. Water consumption is something we can control.

Green and sustainability are two words that have become important to our everyday lives and our future. Green plumbing is environmentally friendly plumbing that saves you money by using energy-saving appliances, low flow fixtures, and thoughtfulness. The green decisions we make about the best ways to use our precious natural resources today will determine what our world looks like for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

Statistics from Florida government documents show that an average per person daily water usage is 158 gallons. A family of four would use 138,700 gallons of water a year. Most Floridians pay for their water so ways to save water translate into ways to save money.

EnergyConsumption1Statistics from the Florida Chamber of Commerce

How much water do you use when you take a shower or flush a toilet? A breakdown of home water usage shows us how we use water the most.
· 26% Toilets
· 22% Laundry
· 17% Showers
· 16% Faucets
· 14% Leaks
· 2% Baths
· 1% Dish Washers
· 2% Other

Did you notice leaks account for 14% of water usage? We are ready to fix your leaks now! Emory M Garland Plumbing can help you identify ways to save money immediately by providing a whole house inspection.

You don’t need to change out all of your plumbing fixtures and appliances but as you make changes in your home, look for energy-efficient options as well as cost-effective items. Green plumbing products can save you money in the long run. Call us for green kitchen remodeling or green bathroom remodeling ideas.