Plumbing Emergency or Can it Wait


Sometimes a 24-hour emergency plumber is needed. Sometimes it can wait until the morning. How can you tell if you need an emergency plumber?

Imagine waking up in the night and heading to the bathroom. You hear the sound of water and then your socks get soaked. Is it a plumbing emergency or can it wait until business hours?

Can the Plumbing Problem Wait?

  • First, if you can, turn off the valve that supplies water to an affected plumbing fixture.
  • Can you get by without using the affected plumbing fixture until business hours? If you have a broken toilet or sink, you may be able to put off using it.
  • Is it drip or is it gushing? If it’s a drip, you can put a bucket or pan under it. If it’s gushing from the main water line you need to cut off the water from the main water supply.
  • If you have a large amount of water leaking, can not shut off the water supply, or the valve itself is the source of the leak, contact us quickly. We want to help you not have major damage to your home.

Is the Water Leak Your Responsibility?

  • A gushing mainline may be the water company’s responsibility and you’ll need to contact them.
  • If a mainline break, service line break, sewer blockage or sewer manhole is the problem, your first call should be to your water company. They sometimes offer 24-hour service to respond to these emergency situations. Contact them first to learn what they cover and to schedule any qualifying repairs.

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