Toilet Overflows Often


If your toilet is consistently overflowing when flushing, it is probably one of two main problems. You may need a plunger, auger, and wrench.

Drainage Problem.

  • Turn off the valve that supplies water to your toilet.
  • Use a plunger to clear the blockage. Read more about the best techniques here.
  • Using the spring-end of a toilet auger, insert it into the drain, and rotate until the full auger has been inserted. Turn the handle a few more times to loosen any clogged material.
  • After using the augur, remove it and flush the toilet.  This should clear most clogs.  If you are still having problems, contact us.

Floater Problem.

  • Remove the lid from the tank.
  • Find the floater.  The floater is either a large rubber ball on the end of a plastic or metal stick or a movable column that fits around the main toilet tube in the bowl.
  • Locate the mechanism controlling the height of the floater.  On older toilets, it is usually a small clip that holds the bar attached to the ball. With newer toilets, you will see small switches on the movable portion of the toilet column that can be adjusted.
  • Adjust the mechanism so the floater or bulb sits lower in the water. Make sure that the bar angles slightly lower in the water or with the newer floaters, move the switch one or two clicks lower so that the floater’s resting position is lower on the column.
  • Flush the toilet to test the floater’s position. By lowering where the floater rests the water should stop below its previous waterline position. If it still allows too much water to enter the tank, lower the floater again until you reach an adequate water level for your toilet bowl.

If these tips don’t stop your toilet from overflowing consistently, call us, a professional plumbing contractor, and let us get things flowing properly!

Contact us, a licensed, bonded, and insured Tampa plumber if you would like for us to professionally unclog your toilet or to install the repair parts for your toilet. Our plumbers are available for all of your bathroom plumbing problems.