DIY Unclog Kitchen Sink


Here are some quick steps to return things back to normal!

Oh no! It’s an hour before guests arrive and your kitchen sink backs up! You don’t want to wash dishes in the bathtub and you may still need to use the sink for dinner prep! Do you call the plumber or can you fix it yourself before company arrives? Try it yourself first and you may be done in just a few minutes!

Quick Method to Unclog your Kitchen Sink

If you have a double sink, put a stopper in the drain hole that does not have standing water. If it is a single basin sink, like a bathroom sink, plug up the overflow hole with a wet cloth.

Place your plunger over the hole and go up and down. This back and forth pressure will build up enough pressure to dislodge the clog. Sometimes the pipes under the sink can become disconnected, so be sure and watch them as you work to free the clog. This quick-fix will probably break up your clog.

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