Exploding Toilets

Some pressure-assisted toilets MAY EXPLODE?

Do you have a pressure-assisted toilet in your home?

Customers sometimes think about installing a pressure-assisted toilet. There are benefits to a pressure-assisted flush and the downside of noise. Like in a commercial business, a pressure-assisted toilet will flush and sound like a commercial toilet. Most people don’t want that much noise in their home but did you know they MAY EXPLODE?

Normal toilets simply fill up the tank with water and it is released by gravity to the bowl, then flushes. A pressure-assisted toilet becomes pressurized with the incoming water. The holding tank fills, compresses and pressurizes the free air inside. When flushed, it uses its stored energy. Unfortunately, it has been known to rupture and blow the lid of the tank off and has even led to injuries. More than 2.3 million units have been recalled.

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