Shower Pan


The shower pan is under the tile floor of your shower. It is the waterproof barrier in the shape of a pan that catches any water that seeps through the tile and grout and moves it to the drain.

Some shower pans are constructed from fiberglass and double as your shower floor and shower pan.

Signs of a Shower Pan Leak

Deterioration occurs as your shower pan ages. It can develop cracks or holes that result in leaks.

If you see water leaking into a room or space below the shower, it may be a shower pan leak. You may need to check the subfloor by crawling under the home and looking at the floor joists. Major leaks will spread outward and soak related areas and walls. A gap where the wall and floor meet may be where you see telltale signs of water leaking though the pan and rotting the bathroom floor.

Cracks are important to check. Some cracks are from common household movement and are why you have caulking in the corners. Cracks across the middle of the pan are evidence of pan problems or shower pan failure.  Call the expert plumbers of EMG Plumbing now to have your shower pan checked and determine if it needs to be replaced.

Other Shower Leaks

Shower doors can leak. Check the seal at the bottom of the door and also check to see if the ends of the track are caulked so they don’t allow water to escape the track.

Shower faucets and associated plumbing can leak too. Check the pipe connection and solder joint for leaks. The shower faucet handle escutcheons may leak where they meet the wall. The water may drip behind the metal handle plate covers.

Should I wait to call the Plumber?

Although replacing a shower pan may not be an inexpensive fix, it is cheaper than replacing the bathroom floor and having to remove moldy problems. It’s better to get it taken care of quickly.

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