Small Bathroom Remodel


Remodel Your Bathroom and Make it Feel Spacious.

Small Bathroom RemodelEveryone wants a beautiful bathroom and thanks to all of the home improvement and remodeling TV shows, we see all the possibilities for our small bathrooms. We want function without compromising aesthetics. We want it to be practical and maintain visual harmony. Let’s look at how to maximize our cramped and crowded bathrooms.


Every inch counts in a little bathroom so get creative with the space. By using large floor tiles and light, solid colors you will create a feeling of space. Dark colors make us feel crowded. When the same color or tile is used on the floor and continued all the way up the shower wall, it makes the room feel bigger. Incorporating a glass door or no door at all on the shower feels even more spacious.

Light colored, consistent finishes for trim hardware continue the illusion.

Corners can be used for sinks or showers which will free up needed space. If you have unusual angles, use them to highlight your design.Compact Toilet, Clear Corner Shower, Clean Sink Design


Choose the right lighting for function and ambiance. We need adequate lighting for everyday tasks like shaving and putting on makeup. Small bathrooms can be made to feel larger by strategically installing lights to reflect and brighten it. Multiple, recessed ceiling fixtures create lots of light while continuing the feeling of airiness because they are hidden in the ceiling. For drama or as a night light, add small low-voltage lights in the toe kick of the vanity. Skylights, etched glass, transom windows, and glass blocks are beautiful ways to bring in natural light without taking up extra space. Wall sconces alongside a mirror also reflect light to make the room feel bigger.


For a tiny lavatory, your toilet choice is important. New, compact, round front or elongated models can replace old toilets. These new toilets use less space which is vital to making your small bathroom feel bigger. These new toilets use less water which makes them environmentally friendly too.


Clear glass panels or doors for the shower can create the illusion of more space. You can even skip the shower door! Show off your shower and maximize the impact of your new small bathroom remodel. If you choose to use a shower curtain, keep it’s design simple and harmonious with the rest of the washroom.


Bathtubs can take up a lot of real estate in our bathrooms. Consider a tub that will save space. Modern, compact bathtubs with curved basins can make the tub look and feel larger while still conserving precious space.


The mirror for your new small bathroom remodel is a very important decision. Pick the largest mirror possible for the space, but only use one. More than one mirror confuses the eye. An expanded mirror or a recessed cabinet mirror work well too.


Decisions, decisions! The choices include a sink with a vanity, a pedestal sink, and a trough sink.

Pedestal sinks take up less space but don't provide storage. Consider incorporating open shelves or tile-lined niches near or behind the sink for storage solutions.

A good looking, space-saving alternative is a trough sink. They are narrow, clean styled, have a low profile and when wall-mounted, they free up floor space for storage or foot traffic.

Vanity - Cabinet

A vanity with drawers or bins provides important storage space. Keep the appearance light by floating the vanity or choosing a rounded vanity. Add a recessed bath cabinet above or beside the vanity for hidden storage.


Another trick to make a space look bigger is to use smaller hardware and appliances. Select a small faucet or use a wall-mounted faucet.


Hinged doors take up quite a bit of room so a pocket door may be a viable alternative.

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