Whole House Plumbing Inspection


Would you like to save money and minimize costly damages? Emory Garland Plumbing is ready to inspect your whole house for potential plumbing problems and save you money by fixing them before they become a disaster for your home and wallet.

For our own health, we know that having a yearly physical and check-up is wise. Having our home inspected yearly is smart too. A plumbing inspection by a licensed and bonded plumber is how to prevent backed up drains, loss of hot water, floods, and damage to our home and fixtures.

You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by finding a potential problem before it happens. For example, a leak could cause water damage and you might have to replace not only the pipes but the flooring. Living in Florida makes us realize we do not want to have the resulting mildew damage to contend with either. Keep your small plumbing problems from becoming large and costly ones!

What Is Included in a Whole House Plumbing Inspection?

A thorough analysis of your plumbing, fixtures, pipes, will let you know of any repairs or potential problems. Whole house plumbing inspections consist of:

  • Water heater check including flushing, safety check, water pressure, thermal expansion, relief valve, leaks, and corrosion
  • Plumbing fixtures in kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, crawlspace, and attic checked for good safe working order. Safety of user as well as your home is important to us and most manufacturers have a lifetime (limited) warranty.
  • Check toilet for leaks, and see if securely fastened and caulked to the floor to prevent major damage to not only your floor, but sewer drains and pipes too.
  • Check and test washing machine hoses, valves, and drains
  • Check the piping under bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • Piping - waste and vent piping, gas piping, combustible vent piping, condensation piping, and potable (drinking) water piping, check for leaks, proper installation, known faulty material, and health and safety issues
  • Isolation valves
  • Note items in good condition

The above items are included in the standard whole house inspection. For an additional charge, you may also have the following services:

  • Sewer Drains Inspected by Camera
  • Identify and notify of potential issues in water and drain system

We would be glad to recommend green plumbing options too. Ask us about how to make your home more energy and water-efficient. Feel free to ask us any questions or share your concerns about your home's plumbing.

Call us today for your whole house plumbing inspection.

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