Kitchen Faucets and Bathroom Faucets Repair


Does My Faucet Need a Plumber?

The short answer is: maybe not. A faucet’s owner can often take care of the most common problems (leaks and low flow) with some simple tools and a quick online tutorial.

How to Fix My Faucet Leak or Low FlowLeaky Faucet

If water pressure drops in a faucet, the problem may be a leak, a clogged filter screen or just old age. (NOTE: if you have a drop in water pressure in more than one faucet, call a local Tampa plumber! This is a sign of a more serious situation, and we will talk about it in an upcoming blog.)

Preparation for faucet work is pretty simple: shut off the water supply using the valves under the sink, close and cover the sink drain(s) to catch any loose parts, and clear space to layout removed parts in order (you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to put them back!). You need to determine what kind of faucet you have (there are four types) and search online to find the tutorial for your particular type. In all these cases, the fix will require a wrench to fit the plumbing, a screwdriver, pliers (regular and needle-nose) and possibly an Allen wrench. And you’ll probably need to make a trip to the store for new parts. Consider wrapping the wrench jaws in duct tape or a cloth so they don’t scratch the faucet.

As you disassemble your faucet, clean any mineral deposits using white vinegar and non-scratch pads and brushes, then rinse the parts and set them aside (again, in the order removed). In the case of low flow issues, you may find that a good cleaning is all that’s required. In the case of leaks, you will need to tighten loose fittings and replace worn parts. But, as you follow the tutorial for your specific problem and type of faucet, you may just decide it’s time for a new faucet. If that’s the case, you’ll need more items from the store (including the new faucet!) and more tutorials.

Time to Call for Help?

It’s certainly a job that can be done by an owner, but these also are the kinds of jobs that can create or reveal new problems along the way. And that might be the time to consider calling your Tampa plumbing expert, Emory Garland Plumbing. Emory and his team are skilled in repairing and replacing bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets or any faucet in your home. Please call Emory Garland Plumbing today for all of your plumbing needs. We are a 24/7 plumbing emergency contractor!

Contact us, a licensed, bonded, and insured Tampa plumber. We look forward to helping you fix your bathroom faucet or kitchen faucet.