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Indoor Plumbing or Internet

PLUMBING VS TECHNOLOGY Which would you choose? Are we going to innovate our way out of stagnation? The TED conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) kicks off a rollicking debate. Speakers had numerous topics including a History lesson of productivity, technological progress, standards of living, GDP and economy, and even robots. It ended with a show of…

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Plumbing Gone, Toilets Gone

PIPE SWIPERS TAKE TOILETS? No basic plumbing in some foreclosed homes. Buying a home usually means an intact home, not one stripped of furnaces, water heaters and all the pipes, even the sinks. Today, roving gangs are stripping metal from homes to sell as scrap metal. One plumber wouldn’t install pipes above ground without warning…

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Plumbing History

INDOOR PLUMBING, WHEN DID IT START? Do you take indoor plumbing and your plumber for granted? The first “water closet” was in India, 2000 BCE. A pot of water would wash waste through pipes, into drains running under the streets. In 691 BCE, the Greeks had the first aqueduct. Rome had 144 public toilets by…

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