Washing Machine Overflow Emergency

washing machine over flow

HOW TO STOP OR PREVENT WASHING MACHINE DISASTERS. Water Damage Claims account for over 50% of all homeowners insurance claims in Florida. Don’t let your washing machine cause damage to your home. Preventive Steps and Emergency Damage Control for Washing Machine Flooding Safety First! Water and electricity do not mix. Do not unplug the washing machine.…

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Plumbing Emergency or Can it Wait

IS THIS A PLUMBING EMERGENCY OR CAN IT WAIT UNTIL MORNING? Sometimes a 24-hour emergency plumber is needed. Sometimes it can wait until the morning. How can you tell if you need an emergency plumber? Imagine waking up in the night and heading to the bathroom. You hear the sound of water and then your…

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Toilet Overflows Often

WHY DOES MY TOILET OVERFLOW OFTEN? If your toilet is consistently overflowing when flushing, it is probably one of two main problems. You may need a plunger, auger, and wrench. Drainage Problem. Turn off the valve that supplies water to your toilet. Use a plunger to clear the blockage. Read more about the best techniques…

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