Washing Machine Overflow Emergency

washing machine over flow

HOW TO STOP OR PREVENT WASHING MACHINE DISASTERS. Water Damage Claims account for over 50% of all homeowners insurance claims in Florida. Don’t let your washing machine cause damage to your home. Preventive Steps and Emergency Damage Control for Washing Machine Flooding Safety First! Water and electricity do not mix. Do not unplug the washing machine.…

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Whole House Plumbing Inspection

WHY DO I NEED A WHOLE HOUSE PLUMBING INSPECTION? Would you like to save money and minimize costly damages? Emory Garland Plumbing is ready to inspect your whole house for potential plumbing problems and save you money by fixing them before they become a disaster for your home and wallet. For our own health, we…

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Water Softeners

WOULD A WATER SOFTENER SAVE ME MONEY? Appliances (like water heaters and dishwashers) and pipes can be damaged by hard water. Drinking water may not taste as good if you have hard water too. Install a whole house water softener and your appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, should last longer and save you money.…

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